Technology consulting with a business focus
from experienced industry insider


I offer the following services to technology-oriented companies

Support for investment decisions

With a focus on the company’s products and technology and their impact on the business model and their evaluation

Assistance in M&A transactions

We actively support the purchase and sale process through to completion, including negotiations.

Strategy advice

Top management advice from a former top managers with over 30 years of international professional experience

Special topics

We also offer a wide range of services where our expertise can make the difference.


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Dr.-Ing. Antonio Mesquida Küsters

Managing Director

What TECH-DILIGENCE customers say

Dipl.-Phys. Nancy Kublin Brendecke

Main Shareholder Engelmann GmbH (until 2014), Wiesloch

“Tech Diligence has been instrumental in the successful development of the company, both in terms of new product development and international market penetration”

ENGELMANN SENSOR GmbH is a German company based in Wiesloch, which develops, produces and sells heat meters. Tech Diligence accompanied the company from 2009 until the sale of the company in 2014 with the managing director as member of the advisory board.

Klaas Wisniewski

Director of Strategic Business Development, Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology, Bristol, UK

“In preparation for our 2030 agenda, we worked with Tech Diligence to apply industry best practices in the field of semiconductor equipment transitioning from R&D to applied production markets.

Toni provided excellent strategic planning, aligned with expertise and holistic options for our specific challenges in the next phase of growth while engaging with the different stakeholders of the leadership team!”

Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology is a leading provider of high technology tools and systems for industry and research across the world.

Dipl.- Ing. Ralf Sander

Managing Director Maddalena GmbH, Remscheid

“Tech Diligence took over the process of establishing Maddalena GmbH in Remscheid on behalf of the Maddalena Group and accompanied all steps efficiently and successfully. Tech Diligence accompanies the company until today”

In 2019, the Italian / Udine based company MADDALENA, European market leader for water meters, did establish a German subsidiary in Remscheid.

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