Energy generation, distribution and storage.


Photovoltaics, onshore and offshore wind and biomass.


Energy distribution, smart grids and smart homes.


Electricity grids, energy trading and forecasting.


Energiespeicherung / Prognosemethoden.

Electrical Engineering / Physical Technologies.


Microelectronics / Electronics.


Semiconductors / Coating / Lasers.


Telecommunications Engineering / RF - Engineering.


RFID / RF-EAS / NFC/ Barcodes / 2D-Matrix Barcodes.

Measurement and Control/ Sensors.

Mechanical, engineering and construction.


Automotive, logistics, on-site scanning.


Production optimization, value stream mapping.


Quality management, continuous improvement processes (CIP).

Medical / Pharmaceuticals / Biotech.


Laboratory equipment, measurement, testing.


Microbiological testing for clinical diagnostic and the food industry.


Oncology, Infectiology, Immunology and biosecurity.